DSCF7967The Volunteer project is a learning  program which involves partnership among the Community, and the people whereby the volunteers perform a mutually agreed upon volunteer work after there has been sufficient preparation to establish goals, consider issues, determine what learning may take place and work to be done. The aim is to effectively and sustain ably offer needed service to the community for mutual benefits of all parties involved and thus encourage personal involvement, community awareness and responsible leadership/citizenry thus helping in fulfilling the Kibosho Tours and Safaris Volunteer Project mission with community service as an outcome.Community Service Learning requires a minimum of 90 hours of service or a project which is equivalent to 90 hours. Examples of community service activities include (but are not limited to):  teaching, renovations, collecting much needed items including clothes, shoes, school uniforms, foodstuffs, bedding’s, etc., being of service to abandoned babies homes, elderly homes, street boys/girls’ rehabilitation centers, helping out at a local library and national archives, tutoring developmentally disabled children especially the ones with downs syndrome, public schools, public hospitals etc.

1. To sensitize the volunteers on various challenging social problems and to search for solutions,
2. To give the volunteers an opportunity to translate theory into practice,
3. To help the volunteers understand themselves and the community against their social environment.

Thus, if interested in this Volunteer Project and want to know more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Elective Students & Volunteers:

  • Placement in respective fields (Hospitals, Schools, Orphanages etc.)
  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Special discounts on all our Tours, safaris and Climbs