Kibosho Tours and Safaris Transport Services:
Tanzania is a relatively cheap and easy country in which to travel. Although punctuality may not be up to International standards, the country’s transport infrastructure is generally good, comfortable and safe. Kibosho Tours and Safarisx takes pride in its customer service by ensuring our clients are steered in the right direction when it comes to transport facilities in Tanzania. We provide most of the services below or advice and connections to reputable transport people. Please contact us if you have any concerns regarding Transportation in Tanzania.
A number of Tanzanian transportation options exist for getting around in, and between various Tanzanian destinations:

By far your best bet for negotiating the busy streets of the big cities is by taxi cab. 2.5 US $ will cover most short trips, and drivers usually know where they’re headed. Taxis are more expensive at the beach resorts and major cities although ultimately what you pay depends on your bargaining technique. Some service taxis operate between cities where several travellers can share the same fare.

Surprisingly there are a growing number of adventurous travellers who choose to criss cross much the country by bike, our company can arrange mountain bikes for hire. – Please contact us for more details..

Several bus companies provide a number of handy routes that link the big cities to just about everywhere else in the country. Journeys can often take several hours longer then scheduled due to hold ups at police check points and flat tyres on the roads. Please contact us for advice on which bus company to use in relation to cost and safety.

t4Motor Cycle (Boda Boda)
Tanzanian motor cycles are surprisingly cost effective, efficient and comfortable however not recommended 100% in terms of safety – usually riders are at their own risk.

A ferry service links Tanzania mainland with Zanzibar Island and takes just one and a half hours (although this varies). The same journey by plane will take a minimum of 1 hour.

If you’re short of time or simply love planes you can easily and cheaply fly from different parts of Tanzania with local small planes . You can search for cheap flights on www.fastjet.com or www.precisionair.com We also provide airport transfers to and from all International and local airports in Tanzania.

Please also view our 4X4 vehicle fleet and Helicopter Tour Service in the Navigation Menu.