St francis Disabled Primary School offers pre-primary and primary school in the Bomang’ombe Hai District area of Kilimanjaro. At St francis Disabled Primary School, there are a total of 286 students with the following disabilities; Albinos, Deaf, Blind and physical impairment. However the school is known for there good performance in and out of the district. Volunteers, can teach many different subjects to the children’s age of 4-14 years old. These subjects include; English, Mathematics, Science, Geography and History.

The working day is Monday to Friday 7:30-4pm. However volunteers don’t have teach the full day and could just teach in the morning. As well as teaching, volunteers can assist teachers when they are teaching rather than lead classes. All classes are taught in English (except Kiswahili), with the teachers I the younger classes using some Swahili to improve the children’s grasp of subjects.

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