Mlingotini Cultural Tourism – Bagamoyo

‘A true experience of the Swahili culture and the majestic Indian Ocean’

Mlingotini is an age old fishing village located in Bagamoyo just 13 kms, 10 minutes away from Bagamoyo Township. The village lies on a cool Swahili coast with white sand beaches away from crowds where one will get the real beach experience while learning how local people lives.

Mlingotini community offers the following tours;

• Mlingotini cultural village tour
• Coconut tours
• Biking tours
• Fish with local fishermen
• Marine tours
• Visit a local fish market
• Sea-weed farming tours
• Mapopo Island tours
• Traditional Swahili Massage,
• Swahili body paintings using henna plant (tattoos making)
• Hair braiding
• Swahili traditional weddings
• Traditional dances
• Swahili music band entertainments
• Swahili traditional games

Half day tours:

Mlingotini Cultural Village tour (2-3 hours)
Visit local homes of Mwembe and get to know the history of the village proceed to Mwembe shule, Mwembe sikukuu, Mzambarauni and Kisima cha mpenzi: Listen to interesting stories about the history of these places and how they are linked to life of the people. On your Walk you will meet the local people and interact freely
Marine Tour (2-3 hours)
Visit the Indian Ocean Mshingwi and Mwambakuni coral reefs, enjoy the geological and biological beauty of the reefs and proceed to the Mangrove forest where a number of marine creatures can be identified. Enjoy Bats caves and swimming in beautiful and recommended places as per your guide’s instructions. Proceed for lunch to local Mama’s home where Swahili dishes/African traditional cuisine will be served under a coconut thatch roofed hut. Mama’s of Mapishi Asislia Mlingotini Group (MAMG) prepares variety of dishes. The group is well prepared to respond to your special dietary needs.
Mapopo Island Tour (2-5 hours)
Take an evening or Morning boat tour to Mapopo Island where thousands of bats have inhabited the island. Get to know the bat’s life and ecological importance of these flying mammals.

Sea- weed Tour/Experience (2hours)
Visit sea weed farms located on the Indian Ocean Shores. Get to know how sea-weed is planted, grown and harvested. Local people will explain to you how they produce various products like soaps, perfumes, toothpaste, skin lotions and food ingredients from Sea-weed.
Coconut tour (2-4 hours): You will experience and get to know what it takes to grow, harvest, and process coconut. This tour will take you to the Coconut farms where one will learn how coconut is grown.

Get to know how coconut trunk, leaves, fruits and fruits shells are used by local people to produce various authentic handmade carvings and weaving products.
On your way you will visit a home of a farmer, enjoy a coconut juice and get to know how locals climb to the top of a coconut tree to take off the fruits or tap a Coconut beer.

After taking a traditional lunch at a local Mama’s home proceed to Coconut Handcraft Centre where you will get to know various carvings, weaving and decorative souvenirs produced from various parts of a Coconut tree.
Fishing with local fishermen Experience (1-4 hours)
Come and join a team of experienced village fishermen for a fishing experience. Do your best to fish what will be prepared for you during your lunch or dinner.
Learn how to prepare Swahili Traditional food
Participate in cooking Swahili dishes with local Swahili Mamas of the Mapishi Asilia Mlingotini (MAM) group.

Visit to traditional Healers (1-2 hours)
Get to know how traditional healers use various traditional skills in treating various diseases.

Local Home visits (1-2 hours)
Visit to local home of Mzee Ismail Shabani where you will learn how a special traditional dance was used to mobilize community in various development initiatives. See the Mkamia Maji drum (believed to be the largest drum in Swahili coast) and get to know the story about this special drum used in a number of Swahili coast dances.

Full day & multiple day tours

The following are the options:
A: Combine Mlingotini Cultural village tour with Coconut tour and beach experience/sun bath in the afternoon/evening
B: Combine Coconut tour with Marine tour and beach experience/sun bath in the afternoon/evening
C: Combine Mapopo Island Tour with Marine tour and beach experience/sun bath in the afternoon/evening
D: Combine Mapaopo Island Tour with Mlingotini Cultural Village tour and beach experience/sun bath in the afternoon/evening
E: Combine Sea- weed experience tour with Mlingotini cultural village tour and beach experience/sun bath in the afternoon/evening

Where to stay
Visitors planning to spend a night in the village can be well accommodated at Bomani Bungalow Boma or in a community campsite where one should bring own camping equipments. However there are several hotels/Resorts and local guest houses within the town of Bagamoyo where visitors can be well accommodated.
Getting there:
Mlingotini village is located South-East of Bagamoyo township some 13 kms. The village can be easily accessed by road that goes through Kaole village and Mbegani Fisheries Training Authority (FETA).