Minjingu Cultural Village

…For your authentic Cultural adventure between Tarangire and Lake Manyara National Parks!
Welcome to Minjingu Cultural Village that provides a unique Maasai, Datoga and Mbugwe cultures experience between Tarangire, Lake Manyara and Manyara Ranch. Just 106 kms from Arusha along Arusha-Babati-Dodoma road.

Our community Eco-Tours can be well packaged with all Northern Tanzania popular parks and do provide the maximum respect to the host communities and a maximum education & excitement to our valuable visitors.

Established by youth of Minjingu village in close collaboration with women groups producing authentic handcrafts (weavers & jewellery makers), our community enterprise aims at providing responsible tours that will take care for the people’s livelihoods, our environment, cultural heritage and wildlife roaming around community land.

Minjingu cultural tourism offers the following:

– Minjingu village cultural tours
– Maasai cultural village tour
– Datoga and Mbugwe cultural tour
– Multiple day walking tours with Overnight
– Minjingu-Mto wa mbu walking tour
– Visit traditional healers
– Lake Burungi tour
– Canoeing and fishing with local fishermen
– Traditional dances (Maasai, Mbugwe and Datoga)
– Traditional events and cultural celebrations
– Authentic Maasai jewellery
– Walking safaris
– Minjingu phosphate mines tour
– A view of the Gregory Rift Valley
– A view of Lake Manyara

Maasai cultural village tour (2-7hours)

“Half or full Day Tour”
Spend your day in a real Maasai-Village share Maasai life and listen to well narrated stories about their well kept secrets. Walk through the village settlements and meet Maasi jewellery makers, Weaving group and local market on market days. Learn about Maasai pastoralist heritage and their natural medicines that treat a number of diseases.

Datoga (Mang’ati) cultural village tour (2-5hours)
You will walk from our office through the Minjingu village on your way to the Datoga territory. Spend your day in Datoga village and share their life as you listen to hair raising stories about their culture. Walk through the village and meet the people. Learn about pastoralist heritage, traditional clothing and various tools they use. Get to know their history, origin and when they arrived here.

Mbugwe cultural village tour (2-5hours)
You will walk from our office through the Minjingu village to scenic places where a nice view of Lake Myara and rift valley escarpment is astonishing. Walk through a Mbugwe village/Bantu tribe village nestled between the savannahs and the rift valley floor. Spend your day in this village while experiencing the life of these Bantu people living border to border with two Nilotic tribes (Maasai & Datoga) Walk through the village and meet the people. Learn about their traditional economic activities, local cuisines and local brew produced from honey and various herbs.

Minjingu phosphate deposit tour (2-5 hours)
You will embark on a walking safari to the South-Western shore/tip of lake Mayara. On the way one will pass through Datoga and Mbugwe homesteads, farms and pastures. Learn how remains of dead bodies and droppings of flamingos that in habited the Lake Manyara millions of years ago plays part in producing phosphate used as manure in various farms. Enjoy bird watching beautiful flamingos nestled on Lake Manyara

Lake Burunge tour (2-5 hours)

Spend your morning or evening time watching water birds in Lake Burunge. You will explore the lake with local fishermen to watch birds on your canoe or hire your own local boat and exercise paddling in the lake. An opportunity to fish with local fishermen and share life in the fishing village as after canoeing/fishing/bird watching is guaranteed.

Mijingu-Mto wa mbu village tour (2 days/1 night)

Overnight arrangement in the Maasai Village/Camping
Your day will start with a walk from Minjingu village towards Gregory rift valley. Enjoy scenic view of the valley, the Lake and surrounding villages and later on enjoy your Bush lunch under a tree. After your lunch continue walking though the Maasai land to one of a Maasai homestead where you will spend your night with native Maasai. Enjoy a unique and unforgettable evening in the Maasai land, learn how traditional BBQ is prepared together with Medicine soup & Maasai traditional ceremony/dances and listen to stories as told by the elders before you retire to your tent or Maasai cow-dung smeared hut.

After breakfast, walk down to Mto wa mbu village through various rice pads across several small rivers to Kigongoni and later on down to the green oasis village bordering Lake Manyara National Park

(You will walk for 7-8 hours each day)

Multiple day walks within and around Tarangire and Lake Manyara
Minjingu Cultural Tourism do also organize multiple day tours combining Lake Burunge, Datoga/Mang’ati, Maasai, and Mbugwe cultural village tours with Three sisters’ hills, Mdori, Manyara ranch and surrounding villages with rich natural and cultural attractions

Your visit does incredible things to our community
Your “Minjingu cultural tour” does also support local Maasai, Datoga and Mbugwe families with food, water, education, medical services, individual income and environmental conservation education. You will provide an income directly to at least 5 families by a single visit. All local products on sale by different groups our team will be taking you; is hand-made and produced by the local people living within and around Minjingu village

Our guides
All Walking Safaris are performed by experienced English speaking tour guides. It’s your opportunity to meet and share life experiences with Maasai, Datoga and Mbugwe people

A number of options exist. There is a good number of hotels, lodges, campsites and guest houses in around the area of Kibaoni and along the road to Tarangire National Park main gate. Our coordination office will help to organize your accommodation on request

Incentive packages & private safaris/tours are available on special request!

Come and share the culture with warm and friendly community of Minjingu!