Matunda Cultural Tourism & Safari

The Matunda Cultural Tourism and Safari Organisation and the people of Ndombo- Mfulony-Nkoarisambu welcome you to the green slopes of Mt. Meru witness the beautiful landscape, birdlife and the rich Meru culture.
The following is on offer:
– A glimpse of Meru culture
– A visit to the three waterfalls in the area
– A visit to the lush tropical vegetation at the foot of Mr. Meru
– An opportunity to learn about the traditional uses of local vegetation
– A taste of locally grown and roasted coffee
– A visit to the historical and archaeological sites in the vicinity
– A view of the snow-capped peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru
– A walk through Mt. Meru rainforest to enjoy and identify the endemic flora and the spectacular birdlife
– A traditional lunch with entertainment from local dancers.
– A post-lunch with entertainment from local dancers
– A walk through coffee and banana plantations cultivated locally in small patches of land
– A visit to a local brew factory to sample ‘mbege’ or banana beer, the children and partake in their games and songs

Getting there: From Arusha, drive or take a bus to Tengeru, a ride of 20 minutes. From Tengeru, take a taxi up to the Matunda office; this takes about an hour. (Income from tourist visits will be used to improve educational facilities for HIV/ AIDS orphans, homeless, abandoned and disabled children).