Kamwanga Maasai Village
Welcome to amazing scenic Maasai village sitting on Western foot of Mount Kilimanjaro!

Kamwanga Maasai village is the first authentic Maasai village that organizes tours and is in a unique location between Mount Kilimanjaro and Amboselli National Park located in Southern Kenya. The village provides a unique experience to visitors where sharing of the Maasai lifestyle, culture and wildlife in a natural setting off the beaten tracks.

Your visit to Kamwanga will make you experience the real Africa while accompanied by fluent English speaking local tour guides.

The following tours/packages are on offer;

• An experience of Maasai undiluted culture
• A maasai village walking tour
• A walking tour to Mt. Kilimanjaro forest
• A walking tour in the wilderness with Maasai warriors
• A walk through the farms
• Visit to craftswomen group
• Visit to a Traditional healer
• View point at Mt. Kilimanjaro
• Caves tour
• Maasai cultural dances


Maasai village tour (2-4hours)
You will walk around the village and visit one of typical Maasai boma where a welcome dance will be performed for you. Listen to well narrated stories about the Maasai and get to know the culture of these legendary tall and handsome Africans of the Savannahs. From here you will visit Kamwanga Primary school where you will have a chance to interact with teachers and students. Proceed to a nice view point of the Elephant corridor linking Kilimanjaro highland ecosystem and Amboseli National Park, get a panoramic view of Enduimet wildlife management area and the rest of Amboseli.

(This tour can also be combined with Visit to the Kilimanjaro Forest for a full day tour)

Kilimanjaro Forest walking tour (3-5 hours)
You will walk from Kamwanga village through various farms and settlements to the forest where fresh air and green vegetations covers all over. Learn how local people use the forest land in various seasons by practicing Agro forestry. On your walk enjoy nice view of land around birds, plantlife and Old German hiding caves of the World War II. Proceed to the Natural Forest where you will enter the forest shortly and climb back to Kamwanga village.

Kilimanjaro Acclimatization (1-3 Days)
Lets acclimatize together by walking on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and have what you deserve to conquer the roof of Africa even Mount Meru in regard to physical fitness as a result of good training before trekking. The package will be prepared on request and tailored as per personal physical fitness. The village has high altitude 1,700-1,900 a.m.s.l and is ideal to all visitors planning to get to the roof of Africa.

Kamwanga bike tours
Kamwanga is the best place for the mountains bikes, we save both sportsman and others who are in needs to bike and experience the villages, the farms, natural and cultural beauty of Kilimanjaro and surrounding villages. Biking for several days to go around the entire Mountain (Kilimanjaro) making a zero shape are also organized.

Volunteer Programme
Kamwanga cultural tourism welcomes volunteers who are interested to work in health, culture and educational sectors within and around the village.
Where to stay
There are few local guest houses with basic facilities and a campsite with a nice scenic view. Coordination office of Kamwanga Cultural Tourism will help you in arranging for accommodation in any facility of interest.

Getting there
Kamwanga village is located on the Western slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, approximately 137 kms from Moshi town which takes about 2 Hours drive via Rombo tarmac road. There are daily public local buses plying the way from Moshi town to Kamwanga