Ikoma village cultural tourism program
Ikoma village is situated on the western side of Serengeti National Park 90 Km from Ikoma gate. Ikoma cultural tourism exposes visitors the way of life of Ikoma people.

We people of Ikoma offer the following to our esteemed visitors;
– Visit to Waikoma bomas
– Visit to Ikoma cultural centre
– Traditional Dance of the Ikoma tribe
– Stay with Waikoma family to enjoy traditional food and explore their life style
– Participate in traditional events and ceremonies
– Visit community development project, local schools and health centre’s found in the areas. See how people struggling to overcome the big human enemy disease.
– Farm tour whereby you will see people practicing different forms of agriculture

Tour options: Ikoma Tribe Cultural Tour & Nyichoka hill hiking (2-3 hours)
After a warm welcome at the Ikoma Cultural Centre, a round tour in the Ikoma Cultural Museum will give you an insight of the History of the people and their way of life.

Get to know their origin and their daily activities that originated from hunting and gathering along the Serengeti migration. A tour of a short hike to Nyichoka hill will take you to a panoramic view of the village. On the way up, get to know different species of trees and animals which are found in the area and how local people use them. An entertainment by Ikoma traditional dancers is guaranteed to visitors on request

Ikoma Boma tour (1-3 hours)
Visit Ikoma bomas and see the life style of this tribe, you can see how they prepare their food also you will have a story teller narrating a very interesting traditional history of Ikoma people.

Farm Tour (2-4 hrs)
Visit the village farmers, the guide will be explaining different methods of farming practiced by Ikoma people and show other economic activities practiced such as beekeeping and environmental conservation initiatives.

Herding Tour (2 hours)
The tour is conducted in different areas at different seasons of the year due to livestock pasture rotation. One will get to visit the Ikoma people herding cattle & goats where an opportunity to learn livestock keeping and ways to look for nice pastures around is guaranteed. Visitors will get to see and appreciate division of labor amongst family members in taking care of the livestock which is the main Ikoma people economic base. The tour is done in the evening or morning hours from the time cattle & goats are about to get out or back into a boma where milking activities and heading cattle and goats in their respective pastures or kraals takes place. The visit will give you a chance to see how the Ikoma Milk their cows as this practice is performed daily in the morning and evening.

Traditional Dance (30 minutes – 1 hour)
The energetic Waikoma traditional dance will give you an insight into Waikoma culture by their captivating songs and dancing. You can experience and even participate in variety of dances symbolizing various occasions and traditional events such as marriage ceremony, Dance for bride price giving, birth of first born, dance when preparing their food, warriors and victory celebrations

Traditional fire making
The energetic Waikoma traditional fire making where by the people make fire using tree and they conserve the environment because one small piece of tree can make fire in many years.

Volunteer Programme
Ikoma community receives volunteers who are interested to work in health, community development, education and art training. If interested, please let us know soon so that we can arrange a wonderful volunteering experience for you.

Community development projects (school and Health centres)
Visit a local school where you can interact with the students and teachers. Arrangements are made to allow maximum interaction with students where you can exchange and learn from each other, play various games.